Mandates of KVK        

i. On Farm Testing to assess new agricultural technology or technologies developed at research stations which are in the pipe line to ensure their suitability and sustainability to specific locations and to refine the technology in real farm situations with the active participation of the farmers.
ii. Organizing Front Line Demonstrations on newly released technologies in the field of agriculture and allied sectors under farmers’ field conditions to generate production data and feedback information.
iii. Training programme in agriculture and allied fields for farmers, farm women, rural youth and extension personnel to update their knowledge and skills.


            The vision for development of agriculture should flow from the collective aspiration of all the stakeholders and thus, will emerge from collective imagination for wellbeing of local community through realizing the potential for agricultural growth.      The vision for development of agriculture in Bongaigaon district of Assam is crafted as –
‘Food and nutritional security, employment generation and sustainability of agricultural production.’
 Major areas of intervention